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Safe and Effective TMS Depression treatment

• FDA cleared, covered by Medicare and soon most insurances.
• A proven, non-drug, non-invasive way to treat depression.
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Rethink Depression Treatment

Unlike antidepressant medications, which have to travel through your entire body, our treatment targets the source of depression in the brain, where it helps activate the natural function of the brain’s neurotransmitters using a noninvasive magnetic field.

Bringing Balance Back to Your Life

Relax in our TMS Therapy chair.

In people with depression, key areas of the brain can become inactive due to this imbalance, including areas that control mood. Our therapy can have a lasting effect on neurotransmitter levels, making long-term remission from depression symptoms a reality for many patients.

Magnets treat your depression.

Our therapy uses a unique form of TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) to stimulate nerve cells in mood-controlling areas of the brain—the same areas that are underactive in people suffering from depression.

Repeat for 6 weeks.

Our patented Contact Sensing technology delivers the right dose, at the right location, every time. In just six weeks, one a week, you will be on your path to feeling better once again.

Widespread Coverage for Proven Treatment

Most insurances will be accepted in the near future.

The best reasons to visit Synergy

Safe & FDA Approved

An FDA-cleared depression treatment, safe and easy to tolerate.


Short magnetic pulses to stimulate nerve cells in the area of the brain that controls mood.

Covered by Insurance

Covered by insurance nationwide, including Medicare and Tricare.

No Systemic Side Effects

Because it’s non-drug and noninvasive, it’s free of systemic side effects.

Real People. Real Results.

The thousands of people who have benefitted from Neurostar Advanced Therapy were once in the same position you are today. After choosing TMS Therapy, their lives were transformed. Their stories may help you decide if Neurostar Advanced Therapy could be right for you.

If you suffer from depression and have already tried antidepressant medications but aren’t happy with the results, you may not know where to turn next. Three out of five patients suffering from depression are currently underserved by their antidepressant medications or have not found a medication that has helped them find lasting remission.

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It’s important to come to your first appointment prepared with information about your depression treatment history and use of antidepressants. You and your doctor will discuss your current medications, and then determine your best course of action.